Five plus one tips and tricks for Gboard: do you know them all?

Hi guys, today for the #ALITTLEBITOFENGLISH column , I’m gonna show you five tips and tricks for Gboard, the Google keyboard.

Enjoy the reading!


Have you ever wondered how to eliminate keyboard suggestions?
The answer to this question is as simple as easy to use.
In fact, to eliminate your keabord’s suggestions, you’ve only to hold them down and drag them to the trash, that will appear contestually.


By clicking on the Google logo on the top of the keyboard, you can search any website and share its link directly in the text field in which you are writing.


You can activate this very comfortable function by clicking on the “Number row” voice in “preferences” section in the Gboard’s settings.


By changing the theme, you can choose a simple color or a pic from the gallery as background.
To do it you have to go in the “theme” section in Gboard’s setting, and then choose the option you prefer to personalize you keyboard to make it yours.

5. ENABLE INSTANT TRANSLATOR -and other interesting functions-

In the top bar, in addition to the search bar, there are other interesting shortcuts, such as to have an instant translation of the text, or such as the stickers section.

5+1 BONUS!

With the last update of the Gboard’s app, Google introduced the “minis”. They are little stickers that try to make your alter-ego by taking a photo of your face.
You can find “minis” in the stickers section (look at the point 6).

I wish you enjoyed these advices. If you enjoyed, please share this article with your friends to let they know the tricks and the column #ALITTLEBITOFENGLISH!
If you haven’t already installed Gboard, you can do it by clicking on the buttons below!


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